Rosie Bufton (She/Her) MA DipPTSD
HCPC Registered

About me

So I was raised in Wales, in the old industrial South Wales Valley. My playground was The Pit, which was the rubble and ruins from a 1960s colliery disaster. That land was full of sadness and loss, the ground was blackened, the river rust-filled, but what it taught me was how life can find a way through. The Pit is now a thriving nature reserve.

At a young age, during a challenging time, I stumbled into a drama group. At that tender age the drama group was a salvation, it was an escape. I could BE someone else, not being me was what I needed to find myself. Playing different characters, using my imagination to experience a different way of being helped me in day to day. This set me on a course of studying theatre through college and into university, along the way meeting different artists, clowns, fools and philosophers. I found a way to channel my experiences, my feelings and my thoughts into art.

After graduating, I volunteered and worked in different charities, including homelessness and domestic abuse service. I then started training in counselling and finally applied for Dramatherapy (prompted by a clown).

Dramatherapy is a creative arts psychotherapy, where we learn about ourselves through metaphor, active imagination and creative expression. We can use movement, dance, art, scripts, songs (I’m not a singer, but if you want to, I will), creative writing and play.

I am a poet, I am bilingual, and I am dyslexic – I have an ambivalent relationship with words when it comes to my own self-expression. What I love about creative work is there doesn’t have to be a focus on what we say. We can express ourselves non-verbally and then find the words if we want.

My love of words, as a poet, however, is very available for the Email Counselling I offer.

So, I have been working as a creative arts psychotherapist since qualifying in 2016, I have worked in a variety of settings with clients from age 11 to 70.

I have gained other training through the years and have a bit of a blended approach as a practitioner I guess, but mostly I am human (when I’m not clowning) and I stay connected to the human experiences I support I my work.

My Qualifications

Training qualifications

  • Advanced Solution Focused Therapy - Ongoing
  • Certified Cyber Therapist - 2021
  • Solution Focused Therapy - 2020
  • Dip PTSD - 2017
  • MA Dramatherapy - 2016

Clinical Experience of working with:

  • Sexual assault survivors
  • Domestic abuse survivors
  • People who self-harm
  • Diagnoses of BPD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ED, OCD, Bi-polar, Schizophrenia
  • Adolescents in education setting
  • Young Carers
  • Looked After Children and Care Leavers
  • Young Offenders
  • Offenders/Prisoners
  • People who are Neurodiverse
  • People with Learning disabilities


Individual Dramatherapy/Creative Psychotherapy

Ongoing regular therapy which allows for you to develop self-understanding in a safe space over a period of time. This can be short term or longer term.

Solution Focused Therapy Session

Solution focused therapy is a conversation that is future-thinking; helping you visualise a detailed picture of what you want your future to look like in order to move forward. I offer one-off solution-focused sessions with follow-on sessions arranged as needed, on an ad-hoc basis.

Online Therapy

Email counselling is the exchange of therapeutic emails. You can take your time to read and write emails during periods that suit you.

For Organisations and Local Authorities

I offer tailored interventions for client groups, these can be one off workshops with a wellbeing focus, a short course or psychoeducational intervention these have included, but are not limited to; Healthy Relationships, Consent, What is Self-care, Harm Reduction (Self-harm) and MindfulPlay sessions. And group or One2One therapy.

Please use the Contact Me page for further details.

I also Staff Training and Clinical Consultation for Organisations Please use the Contact Me page for further information.

Group Dramatherapy, Workshops & Training

Group dramatherapy runs at various points throughout the year on and offline.

Workshops & Training run at various points throughout the year on and offline.

Session fees

  • My standard hourly fee for video-call and F2F therapy is £50
  • My fee for a block of 5 emails (5 emails from you with 5 replies from me) is £150. And a block of 10 emails (10 emails from you with 10 replies from me) is £250.


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